Hypa's got you covered!

  • For just 26 cents per minute
  • Bela network offers crystal-clear calls
  • Hypa Fibre customers enjoy 30 free minutes monthly


All Hypa Fibre customers receive the following Complimentary Insurance:

    Main Member (18-64 years)
    R12 500
    Main Member (18-64 years)
    R25 000

+ R20per month

Opt-in for for R10 000 Funeral Cover exclusive to our Hypa Fibre clients:

    R10 000 *No waiting period
    Only R20 per month
    *Ts&Cs Apply

More insurance coverage?

FAMILY COVER: Choose a plan that suits you

Monthly Premium: R100 R115 R135 R145 R165
Main Member (18-69 years) R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
Partner (18-69 years) R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
Child (14-20/25 years) R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
Child (6-13 years) R5 000 R7 500 R10 000 R12 500 R15 000
Child (Stillborn - 5 years) R2 500 R3 750 R5 000 R6 250 R7 500

EXTENDED FAMILY COVER: (Repatriation Included)

Monthly Premium: R27 R49 R71 R93 R115
0-65 year: R3 000 R6 000 R9 000 R12 000 R15 000
Monthly Premium: R41 R77 R113 R147 R185
Adult 66-75 year R2 000 R4 000 R6 000 R8 000 R10 000
Monthly Premium: R55 R105 R155 R205 R255
Adult 76-85 year R2 000 R4 000 R6 000 R8 000 R10 000

Value Added Products: (Included in Family Cover)

Legal Assist
Trauma & Assault Assistance
HIV Prevention Cover
Provided by Valnova:
Discounted Food Vouchers / Cashback Reward
Provided by Martin’s Funeral:
Access to discounted Funeral Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The web link within the SMS contains important information to setup your Bela telephone number and SIP account that is needed to connect you to the Hypa Voice network.

The data on your phone is private information. We need your permission to allow Bela to access the software on your phone to make and receive calls. Your microphone and camera are required to make Voice and video calls.

Using your mobile device go to ‘Applications’, find the Bela app and enable or allow the app to send notifications.

This is only required if you did not allow this function at initial set up.

0.96Mb per minute on average.

Yes. Bela can be used wherever you have internet access. Public WiFi networks may however restrict certain types of Internet traffic.

Making Bela calls while connected to Hypa WiFi is the perfect
combination – you have a super-fast Internet connection, and you won’t pay for the data that you use to make Bela calls.

Yes. Bela can be used wherever you have internet access. You will be charged by your mobile service provider for the mobile data that you use to make Bela Voice calls, video calls and send and receive text messages.

Yes, if you are a Hypa fibre customer you are eligible for 30 free Voice minutes monthly. These free minutes will be allocated to you every month – as long as your Hypa fibre account is current.

If you are not yet a Hypa fibre subscriber you will receive 10 free once-off minutes to try making calls with Bela before needing to purchase a top up bundle.

If you have not consumed all free minutes at midnight on the last day of the month, you will lose these unused minutes. These free minutes do not roll over to the next month.

Select the cart icon in the Bela app. Enter the mobile number that you registered for your Bela account with, and enter the OTP (one time PIN) that you will be sent.

Select the top up value of your choice, follow the on-screen instructions to pay.

Your Bela account will be credited with your selected top up value plus the 37% additional free minutes gifted to you by Hypa.

When you have purchased top up minutes, your balance will be displayed on the top left of the screen (balance checker). This balance will refresh / update within 5 seconds after you end your Bela call.

No, your free minutes are not included in the on-screen balance display. You will receive an SMS to notify you when you have used 50%, 80% and 100% of your free minutes. You can also view your available free minutes in the Hypa customer zone:

You will pay no more than R0.26 per minute for local Voice calls made on with Bela – the same rate applies for calls made to any network.

You will be charge only for the seconds that you use!

Yes. Vobi can be used wherever you have internet access. Calls made using Bela while outside of South Africa will only attract local South African rates (the same rates you are charged when in South Africa).

Please take note that roaming data charges may be applicable, depending on your mobile data plan.

Your top up Voice minutes are valid for 6-months* from date of purchase.

No, Bela supports a single SIP account. You can change from one SIP account to another by resetting the application and clicking on the web link in the activation SMS that will be sent to you.

You can call us on 087 805 2505 or alternatively email us at https://hypa.co.za/contact/. You can also connect with us at:

Support: help@hypa.co.za;
Whatsapp: 064 097 8822.

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