How it works


Check your address

We need to confirm if your location or address is active. If yes, then we can proceed to place your order. If not, you can place a pre-order where we’ll keep you posted on your location’s progress.


Place your order

Once you confirm your address is active, you can select which Wi-Fi speed you want and continue paying. Payment of one whole month’s fee is required. For example, If your service goes live on 10 October, your payment will cover you until 9 November.


Payment Options

You can make payment using any of our approved
payment methods, including cash or card.


Installation by
VUMA Reach

After payment, your order will be processed, and you will receive a call (or email) from a Vuma Reach-approved installer to schedule your installation. The installation will take place at your address at the agreed-upon date/time. This usually takes about an hour, If all goes according to plan.


Activation of Service

When the installation is completed, we will notify you when your line is active and share your login details via SMS and Email.


Upcoming Payments

On the first of the following month, you will be billed for a pro-rate amount. This amount is calculated as follows;

The days of the month that wasn’t covered by the initial month’s fee you paid when you placed your order E.g, Your first payment covered 10 October to 9 November, and your pro-rate amount will be calculated from 10 November to 30 November.

This will be payable on 1 November. The following month you will be billed with the actual amount you selected with your service speed.


Enjoy your unlimited data