In a heartwarming collaboration, Hypa teamed up with Vuma and GogogoGo to honour the dedicated caregivers who participated in the iGOGO programme. This initiative is not just about teaching digital technology skills; it’s about empowering Gogos raising children offering digital literacy training and providing tablets to Gogos, ensuring internet access in households.

At this goGoGogo event, the Gogos shared their invaluable feedback, showcasing the newfound skills they acquired. From mastering e-hailing services to navigating smartphones with ease, and even assisting grandchildren with homework using Google, the programme’s impact resonates deeply.

Hypa, recognizing the determination and dedication of these caregivers, extended a helping hand by providing them with tokens of appreciation. Gift vouchers and exclusive Hypa goodies were distributed to commend the Gogos for their commitment to learning and growth.

The spirit of generosity continued as a raffle drew excitement among attendees. One fortunate participant was granted a month of free Wifi—a priceless opportunity to further their education and personal development from the comfort of their homes.

This collaborative effort between Hypa, Vuma, and goGoGogo is not merely a celebration; it’s a testament to the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. Together, we honour the unsung heroes who tirelessly nurture the next generation, ensuring a brighter, more connected future for all. Join us in saluting these remarkable caregivers and their unwavering spirit of resilience and learning.