Get Bela here:

Transform the way you communicate

  • Powered by WiFi, Mobile, and LTE data connections
  • Just 26 cents per minute – you are only charged for the seconds that you use – with free video chats and lightning-fast messaging.
  • Call local telephone numbers, on any network any time of the day.
  • If you’re rocking Hypa Fibre, you’re entitled to 30 free Voice minutes every month.

How to sign up for

First you need to be a HYPA fibre customer

Download the BELA app from your App Store

Click next and follow directions

Click on banner

Receive your activation link via SMS. Click on the link and open Bela

Accept and Allow all notifications, Camera, Microphone and Contacts access.

*If you do not accept/allow, you will not be able to use Bela.

*You can change this access in your settings at any time.

Call somebody now. Your on-screen balance is R0.00 but you can make calls with your free 30 minutes. Top up when your free minutes are finished.