Back in the day (and it really wasn’t that long ago), Prepaid meant those cool scratch cards you needed to peel off with the side of a R5 (or a house key, but you had to be careful not to remove the numbers). Today? Those awesome cards are replaced by till slips, and the term Prepaid has extended from Airtime to Water, Electricity and now, it would seem, Fibre.

But why on earth would anyone need Prepaid Fibre, you ask?

Well, let’s start by addressing some of the biggest misconceptions around Fibre-based Internet services (which, incidentally, Prepaid can eradicate straight off the bat). The overall perception of our favourite connectivity solution seems to be that it’s a costly, expensive option available only to those who can afford it. Indeed, the idea seems to suggest that only those with a moderate to above average recurring monthly income can afford the long-term contracts affiliated with Fibre based solutions.

In short, the concept seems, to many, unaffordable and unattainable, apparently limited only to those who have a guaranteed fixed salary which can sustain a one-, two- or three-year monthly deduction (fun fact: did you know that the top ranked FIFA player in SA, the only South African to qualify for the FIFA Online World Cup, is quite vocal about his non-use of Fibre?). All the above indicates that, despite its worldwide popularity, Fibre as a whole has some way to go before it can reach the majority of our population.

Which may be where Prepaid Fibre comes in…

Don’t be deceived by the name – you won’t be dashing to the nearest petrol station or spaza shop for 1am top-ups. Aimed at giving the end user more control over their budget and Internet access (as well as eliminating the deterrent of elongated fixed-term contracts for those commitment-phobes in the audience), Prepaid Fibre allows you to handle your connectivity on a month-to-month basis.

Rather than tie you down for what seems like forever, you have complete freedom to choose whether or not you’d like to top up your connectivity come the end of the month. Had a bad December? No problem – you don’t need to stress about a R700 debit and can pick it back up when you’re ready again.

This isn’t some capped, low-end budget solution which runs out after a week either. You’ll still get all the benefits (it is still Fibre, after all) as well as enjoy uncapped, unlimited Internet access to suit your home or business needs.

Simply put? It is exactly like a normal package – the only difference is you control your spend.

What’s the point of this?

Well… by understanding the needs of our communities as well as their purchase patterns, it would be an incredible oversight on the part of ISP’s should they not heed what’s feasible for the majority. Traditional Fibre price points and contract models are, to many, an unfortunately unfeasible reality – the concept of Prepaid aims to rectify this. The concept is, in fact, a game-changer in that it entirely opens up accessibility to emerging markets and communities.

In order for our country to truly thrive, efforts should be made to connect as much of the population to reliable, high-speed Internet as possible. In fact, all communities across SA should at least have the opportunity to experience these benefits. If the largest detracting factors are cost and ease-of-access (or lack thereof), then a more practical solution needs to be established – hence, Prepaid Fibre.Which brings us to Hypa…

Imagine fast, unlimited Home Wi-Fi brought to South Africans on a Prepaid basis. Everything we talked about earlier, you can find in abundance. Connect up to 10 devices and pick a line speed that suits you. With no Data cap and no contract, it’s just the perfect solution for users who want Fibre without the nitty gritty.

When you sign up with Hypa, you can enjoy a free router and installation – you only pay for the connectivity you use, on a recurring or purchase basis. Starting from R394, you can enjoy speeds from 20/10 to 40/10 (if you think you’re up for it). Work, play, browse or stream – high speed Internet should never cost a fortune (and it doesn’t when you’re with Hypa. With flexible payment options and download speeds of 20 and 40 Mbps, you can wave goodbye to daily or weekly top-ups to maximise your any-time, unlimited Data.

So believe the hype and get hyped for Hypa – because Prepaid Fibre is the here, the now and the future.